Last but not Least

This week a brave team of rowers took to the Tees to support My Sisters Place in the Tees Dragon Boat Race. When I offered to go along and support them a few months ago I did not anticipate sitting at the front of the boat as their drummer, but yet there I was on Sunday trying to keep a beat and remain in my seat.

I can only express my gratitude to those who unknowingly, for some, let themselves in for a precarious trip along the Tees not once but 3 times. For anyone who hasn’t heard of the Tees Dragon Boat race it’s an annual event whereby teams compete to be the fastest to row 200 metres along the Tees in a best of 3 attempts. We could be forgiven for the first attempt and things did improve in the middle but we conceded defeat to the Lady Dragoons in the final race.

I think the comment from one of our 8 year old mini supporters Maisie, that next time we shouldn’t move about the boat as much and ‘get a new drummer’ is about an accurate an appraisal as you could get.

This was a great event and whilst we may not have been the best of the bunch we had a good time giving it a go. In total the team have raised £1300 for the charity and so whilst we were last we certainly were not least, thank you to all who supported us, donated and most of all to those who took part from BNI Premier, Ben Hoare Bell Solicitors, Tilly Bailey and Irvine Solicitors and Enterprise Made Simple.

As we move into a another sporting weekend with the Great City Games in Stockton and the Great North Run I would like to wish all those taking part this weekend the best of luck and a huge thank you the runners taking part in support of My Sisters Place.

Michelle O’Rourke