CEO Column January 2020

At the start of a new decade and only 3 weeks in, it’s been eventful to say the least. For us there was a New Year’s Honour for our Chief Officer Becky Rogerson who has led the organisation for over 16 years, we were successful in being selected as one a handful of organisations to be supported via Spring Impact through their Scale Accelerator Scheme to develop our therapeutic model of work and share this expertise nationally and we welcomed a new cohort of Ambassadors to our first ‘Ask Me’ training day of 2020.

For the country, there has been much debate centred on Harry and Meghan and their decision to move away from their roles. I have resisted the urge to engage in twitter comments so far but the outrage, blame and attitudes towards Meghan has in my opinion been startling. This isn’t just because its directed at her as a woman but that it isn’t proportionate to the way in which other women royals have been reported on or portrayed in the media and highlights how far there still is to go in equality for all women.  There have been so many facets to this story, touching on family relationships, duty, responsibility, income and independence. Perhaps the royal context adds a layer we cannot conceive but we can all relate to these struggles in our lives and our decisions.

I hope that overall they are supported to live a safe and happy life, it seems that whoever we are, whatever we do, however we view our differences whether it be class, race, gender, political views it is the thing we all have in common  and the one thing we are all strive to achieve.

I wish Harry and Meghan luck in their pursuit of happiness.