Because You Are Worth it – Wellbeing Webinars- Fundraiser- BOOK NOW!

We are thrilled to be able to offer a new programme of wellbeing webinars for 2021.


Claire Walton, of Leaders are Mad has created 4 sessions for us and by purchasing and attending these sessions you will be supporting us in our work at My Sisters Place.

Claire writes:


“My Sisters place are based in Middlesbrough, one of the most deprived areas of the country. The charity is amazing! They support women and their children who find themselves on the receiving end of domestic abuse. I was once in such a relationship in my 20’s but thankfully had the financial means to eventually take myself and my daughter out of that situation. The women the charity supports are not so lucky. This is why I am doing all I can to support the charity.


I am helping raise funds this time by designing and running a series of 4 workshops. You can attend all 4 for £100, which is unbelievable value, or you can attend just the ones that seem most relevant to you for £30 each. Each workshop is for 90 minutes over zoom and you will also be emailed handouts for follow up exercises, tools and further reading. I’ve curated content specifically relevant to most people and this definitely includes people in professional, management and leadership roles. I have just finished putting the finer details of the first workshop together and although I say so myself, this is amazing value. If I wasn’t running it, I would attend as even putting the content together I have reminded and inspired myself to make a few changes to ensure this year, despite Covid, is My Best Year Yet!”


26th Jan –  My Best Year Yet!

16th March –  Power Up

18th June – Achieve More for Less Stress

1st October – How to Build Awesome Relationships

One other point to note this programme is inclusive. Whilst MSP supports women in particular the workshop is for all genders and is in all senses inclusive.


Please take a look at this link for more details or contact for more info.

All participants will automatically receive a 20% discount off any one to one or team coaching they buy through Claire during 2021 (unless you already receive discounted rates).