Domestic Abuse Service Middlesbrough

Our Story

My Sisters Place is an independent specialist ‘One Stop Shop’ for women aged 16 or over and have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence. Established in 2002 we are committed to working in partnership to tackle domestic violence.

Our approach is rooted in an understanding of the gendered nature ofviolence against women and girls, and recognises the way intersecting factors such as age, ethnicity, sexuality and disability can affect women’sexperiences and the journey through recovery. Women and children havea right to live free from all forms of violence and abuse, and society has a duty to recognise and defend this right. My Sister’s Place takes thisresponsibility seriously and works with a wide range of partners togenerate the best outcomes for women and children.

Our Purpose

  • To deliver accessible, effective, specialist services that are informed and evaluated by service users experiences promoting individual freedom and quality of life.

  • To explore new and innovative ways to address domestic violence issues with a range of partners, and share best practice locally and nationally.

  • To challenge inequality in access to safety, justice, health and wellbeing,and campaign for change to shape future policy and practice.

  • To work with the wider community through education and community involvement to create a cultural shift in a zero tolerance of domestic abuse, and better equip families to protect one another.

Our Services

Male Victims Service – content under construction



Where we discuss the range of services we offer to Children and Families affected by Domestic Violence



Independent Domestic Violence Advocate is a support worker to take you through the steps you want to take towards the future you deserve



How we can help with housing...

Our Events

To get involved visit and make a donation. The campaign will close at 12pm on Tuesday, March 15.

My Sisters Place are taking part in the Women and Girls Match Fund 2022 to raise £25,000 in just one week! These funds will be used for domestic abuse trauma therapy for mothers and daughters.

We will provide a therapist who will work exclusively with mothers and daughters repairing fractured relationships caused by abuse.

This will be an innovative project in which we will monitor and evaluate the work with a view to disseminating this approach and the learning across the VAWG sector.

Donations to My Sisters Place will be generously matched by DCMS’ Tampon Tax Fund during the campaign meaning your money can support twice as many survivors of abuse to recover and lead the lives they should.

CEO Lesley Storey said: “This year is our most ambitious fundraising challenge yet we’re looking to raise a total of £25,000 in order to access the £25,000 we have in the matching pot.

“We know this is a mammoth task but the need in our communities is deeper than ever due to the pandemic and a sharp rise in referrals over the last year.

“It’s 20 years this year since My Sisters Place was established and we are more needed than ever.

“Domestic abuse is rising, families are suffering extreme hardship and promoting recovery is a key aim of this project.

“We hope everyone will give generously this year to help us achieve our target and enable us to carry on the work we all feel so passionately about.”

  • To get involved visit and make a donation. The campaign will close at 12pm on Tuesday, March 15.

International Women’s Day Afternoon Tea @ Wynyard Hall – 8th March 2022  – Thank you to everyone who supported us.  We raised £1,600



Our Funders