After submitting our application for the renewal of our BACP Service Accreditation status, MSP's Counselling and Therapeutic Services has been awarded another 5 years Service Accreditation Status.

Service Accreditation, is a recognised quality standard awarded by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy to organisations who are able to demonstrate and evidence that they are accountable, ethical, professional and responsive in their provision of counselling and psychotherapy services to clients, staff, volunteers and stakeholders. 

Feedback by the BACP Professional Standards regarding our renewal and our service stated:

‘It is clear that My Sister’s Place works hard to ensure all who might benefit can access the service. The application was professional, well considered, with clearly signposted evidence. There is a great deal of relevant evidence, with clear policies and procedures in place to support both staff and service users. The overall impression is one of a well-organised service that is working hard to provide an effective and transparent service.

This application shows a positive and engaged service that continues to add value to the community it serves.

Thank you for submitting detailed and comprehensive material to clearly evidence that the accreditation standards are continuing to be met.  We are delighted to renew the accreditation of the MSP Counselling & Therapeutic Services.’

Originally awarded our first 5 year accreditation status in 2013 My Sisters Place Counselling and Therapeutic Services were the first service in the Teesside area to gain BACP Accredited Services Status as part of our commitment in providing high quality therapeutic services to women 16 years and over who have been impacted by domestic abuse, so it is a great achievement to be able to continue to evidence that on-going commitment.

For more information and details regarding the accreditation process or details of other accredited services visit: