Ask Me – Kimberley Bainbridge

Women deserve the right response the first time when making a disclosure of domestic abuse.

Through the Change That Lasts ask me scheme we have been given the opportunity to empower local people within a community setting to become Domestic Abuse Community Ambassadors, through training we are aiming to change the way in which people think about domestic abuse and end the stigma surrounding it, encouraging people to talk should help women to feel more confident to access specialist services.

We know that people within local neighbourhoods and communities are often the first to know or be aware women are suffering from domestic abuse, it is extremely difficult and brave for women to come forward to talk to someone about it, which is why it is so vital that women feel listened too and believed the very first time they speak out.

The role of the Community Ambassador is to listen, believe and signpost to the most relevant local specialist service. To achieve this we are offering a 12 hour training course for people who feel passionate about helping women and want to help to change the culture of domestic abuse.

The training includes breaking down the barriers for women, how to start a conversation about domestic abuse, how to respond if a women does make a disclosure and covers boundaries and self-care for the ambassadors.

There will be ongoing support for ambassadors with newsletters, updates of services and meet ups will be arranged for all ambassadors to have the opportunity to get together to support each other.

If this is something that you think you would like to be involved with and have links with your local community please email for further information.