Today is all about Thank You’s

Today is all about Thank You’s.

This week we moved our Charity Shop into a bigger premises in Captain Cook Square, having spent some time there it was a reminder of how important volunteers are to the sustainability of the charity and to the delivery of vital local services. We are not the only local charity relying on the generosity of the community and the volunteers who give their skills, time and knowledge to helping charities grow and thrive within our community, and whilst we hope that volunteers gain something from volunteering with us, they give so much more and we owe them a huge thank you in making this happen.

Volunteers in the shop can be seen sorting, pricing, window dressing and serving on the till but most importantly they provide a friendly face, a listening ear and a warm welcome to customers. They have created a safe, friendly and sociable space.

We also spent a day with our Board of Trustees; volunteers who give their time and expertise to oversee the work we do and provide strategic direction for the organisation.  We spent some time considering the direction and development of the organisation and looking at how we best meet the needs of our beneficiaries. Over the years the insight and experience of our trustees has been invaluable and as guardians of the charity they take on a significant voluntary role.

Our Volunteers do a fantastic job, but we need more to continue to survive and thrive. I would encourage anyone who is looking to make a difference to look at our website, see what we are all about and consider volunteering.