Trauma Informed Counselling

Supporting recovery and freedom from abuse

At My Sisters Place the counselling and therapy we provide is ‘trauma informed’ and in many cases ‘trauma specific’.  We offer free and confidential one to one trauma informed counselling for women 16 years and over who have experienced and or witnessed abuse of any kind, either historical or on-going. We place our client’s needs at the centre of our service delivery and design to ensure equitable access without discrimination.
Trauma informed means is that all of our counsellor’s and therapists are trained and understand the impacts of interpersonal trauma.  They understand how this can impact and affect you as an individual and most importantly are able to help you understand what is happening and help reduce some of the symptoms of trauma that you may be experiencing.
Abuse can include physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, financial, coercive control, harassment, stalking, on-line or digital, forced marriage, honour based violence and female genital mutilation (FGM). These experiences of abuse may have been with;
• a partner of any sex, husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend
• a parent either biological, adoptive or foster
• in-laws
• a grandparent
• a brother
• a sister
• a daughter
• a son
• a family member
• someone known to us or our family
• a carer
• someone we just met
• someone we met on-line
Experiencing abuse of any kind can leave us with a whole range of difficult and challenging emotions and reactions, and we can feel confused, scared and unsure of many things.
At My Sisters Place we commit to support you at every stage of your recovery from those experiences and understand that being free of the impacts of abuse is complicated and can take time,  its just not that ‘black and white’ and often feelings don’t end when we leave relationships or the abuse stops.
We will offer you an accepting and non-judgemental space to discuss and explore the range of complicated thoughts feelings and emotions you are experiencing at whatever stage you are at in your journey weather you are:
• still in a relationship.
• thinking about leaving.
• Have left but are still dealing with confusing emotions.
• Have left the relationship but are experiencing on-going issues with the abusive person/s.
• Have been away from the abuser for many years but still feel impacted by your experiences.
• Now be in a healthy relationship but feel your past experiences are affecting how you feel with your new partner.
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My Sisters Place Counselling and Therapeutic Services are a BACP Accredited service and works to BACP Ethical Standards