I.D.V.A support

Our support workers are here to offer you support and advice to keep safe and will work with you to make informed decisions and explore your options.

Most importantly our support workers recognise that telling someone about abuse is not an easy step and they are here to listen to and support you. We recognise that not everyone wants to or is ready to take action and we will support you to be safe whether you decide to remain with your partner or not. All our support staff are independent of other services such as Police, Courts, Housing and Social Care however they can work with a range of agencies to advocate for you where that helps or is needed

We will support you and advocate on your behalf in a number of ways depending on your needs and circumstances, our role is to prioritise your safety and to work with you to set and achieve your goals.

We will:

  • Listen to your experiences, offer emotional support and understanding without judgement.

  • Talk to you about your safety and make sure you are not at risk.

  • Support and advocate through the Criminal courts, including keeping you informed about Police and CPS decisions, requesting Restraining Orders to prevent your abuser continuing to contact you after a court case has finished, completing Victim Personal Statements with you so the courts are aware of the impact the incident has had on you and support you during a trial if needed.

  • Be your voice within the MARAC (Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference) should you be referred, this is a forum for agencies to consider the potential risks to you and support in making you and your children safer

  • Talk with you about your civil legal options and assist you and support you to access civil and legal advice and any actions you wish to take including attending court.

  • Help to liaise with other agencies such as social care, housing, health services etc.

  • Support you with practical issues such as housing, finances and other problems.

You can make an appointment by calling the number below.

If you feel your situation is urgent you can come to our building and you be seen by a support worker the same day. If you cannot come into the service for whatever reason you can speak to a support worker over the phone.

You can call 01642 241864 or email us at [email protected]