My Sisters Place works in partnership with The Thirteen Housing Group and Middlesbrough Council to offer a Sanctuary Scheme that enables victims of domestic abuse who are at risk of homelessness to remain in their own home.


Aim of the Scheme

To prevent homelessness due to domestic abuse and to help you feel safer by adding additional security measures to your own property which can include a safe room, window locks, new door locks and many other security measures.


I own my own home, will I have to pay?

Access to the scheme does not depend on the kind of tenancy you have which means you can be considered for the scheme regardless of whether you rent or own your home. However if you jointly own the property with the perpetrator we recommend that you take legal advice to have them excluded from the property as we cannot carry out work to a property where the perpetrator has a legal right to occupy and still lives in the property support workers can assist in accessing legal advice regarding this.


How soon will I get additional security?

The Sanctuary Scheme is a long term solution to staying safe in your own home. We work closely with Thirteen Housinggroup to prevent homelessness and we would like to keep women who experience domestic abuse in their own homes where possible by offering a range of prevention measures to support you to do so.  If you require urgent security measures please contact us to discuss how we can support you to secure this whilst your long term security needs are being assessed.


For further information about the Sanctuary Scheme and to make an application please contact the Sanctuary Co-ordinator on 01642 256031 or Email