TIME is an evidence and practice-based model developed by My Sisters Place to support survivors of domestic abuse. Alongside drawing upon a wealth of research addressing trauma and domestic abuse, and integrating trauma informed principles into practice it draws on MSP’s experience of delivering trauma informed therapeutic practice to female survivors of domestic abuse for over 15 years.

TIME has been developed to be generic and applicable to any survivor of trauma and to practitioners and organisations supporting survivors of trauma and recognises the need for all parts of an organisation to be fully versed in the impacts of trauma upon survivors, practitioners and organisations to ensure:

• practice is delivered in a trauma informed manner to avoid risk of re-traumatisation and support recovery from       trauma;
• the needs of the survivor, practitioner and organisation are considered; and
• responses to the impact of trauma focus upon the interplay between accessibility, responsivity, adaptability and       effectiveness at all levels.

Supports practitioners and organisations develop a creative lens to integrate and assimilate trauma informed practice into their roles and adapt practice to meet changing landscapes and recognizes the importance of building supportive environments to promoting self-efficacy in all areas of a survivor’s life.

TIME Training Modules

TIME for Basic Trauma Awareness

TIME for Advancing Trauma Knowledge

TIME for Frontline Practitioners

TIME for Refuge Practitioners

TIME for Managers 

TIME for Helpline Practitioners

For more details regarding content of training please contact on 01642 241864 or email [email protected]